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2019 vs. 2020 Order Volumes in E-Commerce


Year-over-year Growth

in US and Canadian E-Commerce Orders


Year-over-year Growth

in all online retail orders


Projected revenue for 2020

in Philippine E-Commerce (USD)

Source: Statista

Why Choose Benta?

Now is E-commerce’s Time to Act

Here and around the world, e-commerce has emerged as a key pillar in the world’s campaign against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online shopping is helping millions avoid in-person contact in compliance with social distancing rules and reduce the risk of new infections. Online delivery has been a lifeline for many businesses that would otherwise have to remain closed throughout the extended quarantines, preserving jobs and a sense of normalcy to counter the prevailing anxiety of the day.

Why Choose Benta?

Improve Customer Engagement

With so many companies turning to e-commerce, and with established digital marketplaces continuing to dominate, it will become harder and harder to gain a competitive edge in the new normal where people are being more discerning about their spending decisions.

This is where chatbots can offer some much-needed competitive edge.

In 2019, a study showed that implementing live chat in business websites increased average order value by 14% and website pages views per session by 263%.

And not only were chatbots seen as a way to streamline customer engagement costs by up to 30%, it was found that 63% of millennials – the largest age demographic for e-commerce - actually preferred chat over other modes of communication.


Increased likelihood to convert of prospects who engaged with chat on brand websites


Increased customer spend of those who engaged via chat on e-commerce sites


Percentage of customers who prefer to receive order instructions via chatbot

Discerning Customers

Why Choose Benta?

Facebook Messenger is the 3rd most used social media network by Filipinos.

Of the 73 million internet users in the Philippines, 89% are on Facebook Messenger, making it the third most used social network in the country, closely following Facebook (96%) and YouTube (95%). Taken together with the fact that the Philippines is the social media capital of the world, with 63% user penetration, it becomes clear that having an always-on means of engaging customers on Facebook and Facebook Messenger is now table stakes rather than a mere nice-to-have.

And with COVID-19 changing the way people consume and engage with brands – probably for good – having chat integrate seamlessly with business become nearly mandatory.

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